Carnivore (Nearly) Dreams Day Twenty or so.

Thoughts on this diet.  I am nearly eating a Carnivore diet.  Meat, eggs, limited cheese and milk, seafood, romaine lettuce, salad dressing and a bit of broccoli.  Also taking a homeocysteine supplement (B2, 6, 12 and folate, choline, and NAC in it), and Berberine.  Berberine is fixing my gut issues and is proven to lower … Continue reading Carnivore (Nearly) Dreams Day Twenty or so.

Keto/Carnivore Day Nineteen – Christmas bonfire

Christmas Eve bonfire - photo Hilary Fay Photography Last year we had hot toddies outside around the campfire.  I think sometimes I may be forgetting to give my daughter a photo credit.  She is so talented and is opening her own studio.  This year we may build the fire a day earlier.  It was traditional in … Continue reading Keto/Carnivore Day Nineteen – Christmas bonfire

Keto/Carnivore Dreams – Idea Rooms

My new idea room(s) upstairs.  The long shot is the literature section, the skinny shelf is my published work, two of those,  the scholastic/reference section is mostly in my son Josh's music corner, and the shot behind the dog crate is all Michigan History/General/Outdoor reference and pleasure reading plus more scholastic references at bottom.  We do   everything to … Continue reading Keto/Carnivore Dreams – Idea Rooms

Keto Diet Day fifteen – few more thoughts on carnivore/keto Just a little fun as I travel northward Have fun with the video there.  During my research on diet, I've found that there are societies who are strictly carnivore who are healthier than we are and diets that are strictly vegetarian who are healthier as well.  What do they have in common:  NO PROCESSED … Continue reading Keto Diet Day fifteen – few more thoughts on carnivore/keto

Keto Diet Day fourteen-thoughts on Carnivore/Keto–Did you know??

Luscious food I ate on Carnivore above.  Ok, I was looking online and I found the lab numbers from a 31-year old fitness expert, weight lifter.  They looked exactly like mine after I'd been on carnivore 52 days. He is partially freaked out, as I was, but he has never felt better, his digestive issues … Continue reading Keto Diet Day fourteen-thoughts on Carnivore/Keto–Did you know??

Keto Dreams Day Thirteen

"That which is impenetrable to us really exists.  Behind the secrets of nature remains something subtle, intangible, and inexplicable.  Veneration for this force beyond anything that we can comprehend is my religion." -- Albert Einstein Looks like I repeated Day Twelve.  Sorry about that.  At this point, will just continue on even though this is … Continue reading Keto Dreams Day Thirteen