Carivore/Keto Dreams -Dreamwalking

Some interesting research.  As I was researching different concepts for my novel:  Quantum Mechanics, Einstein's theory of relativity, yoga, lucid dreaming and more,  I ran across a woman who taught at a tribal university in Arizona.  She was interested in all these same topics and the idea that science and religion are one.  I emailed … Continue reading Carivore/Keto Dreams -Dreamwalking

Carnivore/Keto Dreams — Diet and Creativity

A thought you might consider in your lives.  Diet is integral to creativity.  When I started the Ketogenic diet, then moved to Carnivore for a bit, then back, I  wondered if it would affect creativity.  I'd heard lots of claims about both lifting "brain fog," something I associate with old age and/or hormones.  But I wondered … Continue reading Carnivore/Keto Dreams — Diet and Creativity

Carnivore/Keto Dreams – Update Carnivore to keto transition

Well, I'll be in a new mirror and light for the next two months.  I don't expect to post another picture for a few weeks at least, but thought I'd better get a before picture posted in this light.  One always looks completely different in a new mirror.  To date, I still haven't lost all … Continue reading Carnivore/Keto Dreams – Update Carnivore to keto transition

Carnivore/Keto Dreams – Another Einstein Maxim

Another Einstein maxim--may just have become my current favorite.  I just finished a Netflix Nova documentary "Inside Einstein's Mind."  Now that's a place you want to hang out!  I called it something else, but it's the same:  process.  The goal is doing the best you can at a particular endeavor and forgetting about the result … Continue reading Carnivore/Keto Dreams – Another Einstein Maxim