Carnivore/Keto Dreams -Arms – Extra post

Well, here are the arms.  Not as noticeable in the picture as I feel it is in person. Or as much as my face/stomach.  But better for sure.  I was tanner in the first picture which is slimming. I think this diet will just improve skin and muscle tone as time goes on.  Will take photos every month or two.

I’ve been noticing that there are some new articles saying there are studies out there indicating low carb is not that good for you (though they don’t provide the studies).  I would caution everyone that nutrition studies really haven’t been done comparing good fats and good protein sources, grass fed meat, etc.. with fats known to be bad for us and inferior proteins sources.  So I would reserve judgment either way for now and make the best choices for you.  And be sure to check who is behind these articles and their sources. However, there are also dozens of studies by reputable universities (and studies on mice) published showing great improvements in cardiac health and diabetes.  Even cholesterol levels in the obese have improved in many reputable studies.   Keto has been used for decades for epilepsy.

For some reason, I cannot provide the link to the University of San Francisco, it won’t insert, but take a look at their studies.

These are the same reservations I have about cholesterol studies–these have never been done studying those eating good fats vs. bad. Both fats would raise cholesterol obviously but have decidedly different effects on the body.  I’m hoping the next few years provide much better information.

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