Carnivore/Keto Dreams

Besides the collective archetypes influencing us, Jung talked of the”persona”–the image we present to the world; the “anima/animus” — the opposite gender at work within each of us; the “shadow” — the wild, creative but dark side of ourselves; the “self” – the self-hood or self actualization-individuation, the goal of all humans.

Unlike Freud, Jung believed something other than repressed sexuality motivated people–or rather, it wasn’t the only thing.  Repressed memories unique to individual experience and our ancestral past figured in.  They both realized that dreams and the unconscious were crucial parts of the human psyche.  Even with their contributions, it doesn’t seem we incorporate our dreams into our conscious experience the way Native Americans and other cultures do.  We dismiss dreams as funny aberrations instead of looking to them for guidance, signposts.  We also don’t seem to incorporate the natural world, natural phenomena and synchronicity into our experience, though Jung was a special proponent.  Synchronicity was compatible with Einstein’s concepts of Time.

The  books and research I’ve come across are particularly synchronstic to my recent novel project. No accident my research into the Noetic Institute and premonitions revealed Dan Brown’s novel The Lost Symbol. Synchronistic also is the reason I happen to be writing here in Elk Rapids this winter (where my mother and grandmother are spiritually present).  It was not planned and it feels meant to be, the stars aligning.  Freud would reduce it all to sexual repression and/or frustration.

I’m under the weather last couple days, so I did do some light exercise, soaked in a tub, and now I sit in front of the woodstove, sipping my java brew, an Indian blanket over my knees.  Football playoffs. Here, the woodstove is not my only source of heat, just comforting ambience, welcome with this upper respiratory malady. I will take some walks with my dog Maggie along the bay but that will wait a few days. I feel better than yesterday and ended up skipping urgent care.

Food:  A couple cage free eggs, a big New York strip steak, a nice salad with blue cheese dressing, a few pistachios. Lots of filtered water, three glasses of water before first cup of coffee.  Glass of milk or a piece of cheese, we’ll see.

Dreams:  I was awakened by a sales call and lost them.  Happy Saturday.  How do you view your dreams?  How does your diet affect them? (Sorry couple typos I had to fix there.)

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