Carnivore/Keto Dreams – your Sunday note

A couple thoughts for your Sunday. How does a religious person deny science which is always evolving?  How do scientists explain the “unexplained?”  Those are the biggest mysteries to me.

My thoughts:  Science and mysticism.  Jung and  Einstein reconciled them.  It’s clearly all part of a whole.  And here is my biggest nugget of wisdom should you care:  Any person with a closed mind on either religion or science does not only herself but humanity a disservice.

Ok and another thought:  water.  On this or any diet, it’s crucial.  I drink a lot of decaffeinated coffee and/or half regular and half caffeinated.  BUT I’ve found it’s essential to drink 4-6 additional glasses of water.  More crucial yet:  drink 2-4 of these a half hour BEFORE your first cup of coffee in the morning, on an empty stomach.  Admittedly, I normally get only two down before that desperately-needed first cup of coffee.  But I try to get the next couple down simultaneously with the coffee yet well before I eat anything.  Hours before food.  I’ve found this makes a big difference in my skin,  hair, energy level, and even my mood.  I also think it helps immunity, digestion, and overall health.  Doing this on an empty stomach is the key.

My New Year’s Resolution is to work up to four glasses ahead of that first cup of coffee.  Another resolution:  add more yoga/meditation into my week. Otherwise, I’m pretty content with my routines and practices and looking so forward to a productive and more relaxing new year.

I’m resting up and watching the playoffs this weekend, (but I ordered some yoga/scientific research to get started on first thing Monday.  Kindle is a nice thing for books you don’t need to keep forever.  Works out well for my research type books.  But I’ll never get used to it for reading literature).  Otherwise, I’ll try a couple long walks with my dog Maggie.  It seems my dad had the local channels turned on in Florida, so  will go down to the Town Club about 4, watch the end of the chargers game and a bit of the Bears.  Neither is on Fox so can’t watch Fox Sports Go on my phone–can get two of them next weekend, though.  So Josh and I will hang with the guys and have a burger.  This Sunday and next.

Dreams: None I remember even though I was more focused on lucid dreaming and trying to invoke my mom.  In a good spot for that to happen since this was her house.  I have it to myself since my dad is in Florida.

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