Carnivore/Keto Dreams-Ready, Set, go

It’s hard to say if I’m a bigger Einstein or Jung fan.  But this is the maxim I live my life by.  I’ve been denigrated and excommunicated for it by a lot of people a whole lot stupider than this guy, but if it was good enough for this guy, it’s good enough for me.  The time to make up your mind about most things is:  never.

My next maxim: It’s not necessary to close your mind to anything to act in good faith. The appropriate path is usually evident.  Be especially wary of those that insist you believe like they do in order to be part of the club.  This includes religious people, so-called scientific minded folks, friends, acquaintances, politicians.  Whoever.  Those that insist you believe like them should be avoided at all costs.  The only thing we have a right to ask of one another is that we consider something, look into something, weigh things out.  Demanding consensus on anything, “settled” anything, religion or science or social constructs, should be feared by all since it’s some version of fascism in society or even in interpersonal relationships.  Steer clear of people like this and remember Einstein.  I’ll bet this maxim applied to absolutely everything in his life. Surround yourself with people who understand this and who “guard your soul” as my friend Cindy puts it.

Food today:  Hmm, all that good filtered water first thing.  A nice roasted chicken.  I love to smell a chicken roast. Some broccoli, I think. Maybe one small potato for Josh.  Eggs and bacon mid-day.

I’m ready to write!  Wish me well.  I hope your Monday is a lovely one.


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