Carnivore/Keto Dreams – Another Einstein Maxim

Another Einstein maxim–may just have become my current favorite.  I just finished a Netflix Nova documentary “Inside Einstein’s Mind.”  Now that’s a place you want to hang out! 

I called it something else, but it’s the same:  process.  The goal is doing the best you can at a particular endeavor and forgetting about the result and/or people’s reaction to you.  You can’t control either!  If you tie happiness to the processes of life and to what you invest in it and people, it will be a satisfying one.  Whether or  not people appreciate you or your work really can’t  matter.  It’s what you invest.

And here is another one:

I was accused recently of wanting to live in the 50’s.  Einstein died a month after I was born in 1955.  (He was born on March 14th -I was born on March 13th–a lucky number for me! Stephen Hawking died on Einstein’s birthday.  Just an interesting aside).   Einstein knew this, the above profundity, already in the 50’s.  He didn’t even drive a car.  Heaven knows what he’d think of things now.  Just because we CAN doesn’t mean we SHOULD. This applies to everything from nuclear bombs to pesticides to abortion. (I’m reluctantly pro-choice for a woman’s health reasons and a few other reasons, but want it moved to 8-12 weeks so we aren’t butchers–which actually a majority of Americans, even pro-choice, want.  Still not totally sure we ever should have gone there.)  But I’ll hook myself to Einstein’s star any day.  Technology, GMO and pesticides in particular, has indeed exceeded our humanity.  Frankenstein.  We’re too smart for our own good.

Most of this technology breaks constantly.  We are hours now on the phone with Directv or ATT or Hughesnet or Hulu, usually talking to recordings.    Cell phones quit, computers crash and carry on constantly.  Social media has divided this country.  Now people say to acquaintances things we’d never walk into the back yard and say.

Any good points? As a writer, I use the internet for research–instead of the library. That is the thing I like best.  And I can move text easier. But my typewriter never broke and I didn’t know what I was missing.  I had a great relationship with the local librarian. Life was much more peaceful.  You had things in common with your neighbors and often had no idea of their politics.  Since I’m a writer,  I try to use this blog to unite people and I never use Facebook for politics.  It’s for family pictures and for letting people know your hobbies and passions.

Technology has indeed surpassed humanity.

Food:  First of all, my euphoric feelings have returned, though I AM careful what I eat.  I have not added sugar or refined carbs, just lettuce and low carb veggies, and just a few of those.  I have hamburger out and will have some blue cheese on it and a salad of some sort.  Glass of milk.  Lots of filtered water, up to three glasses before coffee.  It’s easy to get dehydrated on low carb of any kind and if you are older and losing weight, your skin will need every drop.  It’s important for mood as well.

Dreams:  Empty buildings, a recurrent dream.  No memory of what I was doing there.  Like an old school.

Happy Tuesday.  What do you think?

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