One of the first things I’ve been pondering during my yoga research:  is the “mind” reducible to the “brain?”  Is everything we think a product of some chemical reaction of the brain or can what we think actually impact the brain and its make up?  Not that long ago science and medicine would have purported the former, yet even conventional science and medicine now accept that it’s at least a two-way street: the mind influences not only the brain, but the body–and the health of each.  Whether or not the mind is also influenced by or has more mystical power will likely be debated as long as we are here.

I’ll fill you in on the research as it progresses.  For now, we can agree the mind has the power to heal, the power to influence the outcomes of our day, the power to influence others.  The mind has a  metaphorical power if not the power to move physical objects (still being debated).

The mind is separate from our brains, this is indisputable.

Thoughts (ideas) have power.  That’s a given.  So be careful what you think.

It’s snowing, but I need wood, groceries, and a dump run.  As far as exercise, I’ve been doing Warriormade workouts three times/week alternating with two days meditation style yoga.  Yesterday I found a good meditation yoga practice that had a good mix of stretches and she was really good at the meditation part. That’s what I need.  I’m researching yoga styles presently focusing on those that are more spiritual and lending themselves to premonitions or precognition (for my novel).  Friday night I will let down and eat at our local dive bar maybe or head into Traverse and then watch playoffs over the weekend–find myself some wings to cook.  This is the third day of roughing out my novel.  It’s going well!

Food:  I’ve been listening to my various relatives discussing New Year’s resolutions and adjustments to their diets.  From all my study and experimentation, I’ve concluded there are several givens.  Many diets can be healthful, but they all have several things in common:  no sugar; healthy fats (saturated fat from good sources allowed) and olive oil and grass fed butter; whole foods–if you don’t recognize an ingredient, don’t eat it and this includes bread; organic produce; grass fed and pastured animals if you eat them; limited fruit and not in the form of fruit juice; some dairy, preferably organic or raw.  Different combinations of this will work, but these are the keys.  Good luck on those resolutions! 

Dreams:  I dreamed I had two children and we had them in some kind of doctor’s office.  One was about two, maybe younger.  I was with their father, but I didn’t seem to know him well even though I knew I was the children’s mother.  I wanted to get the youngest one to come to me, but he seemed wary of me.  But then he came and fell asleep in my arms like he belonged there.  Neither child looked familiar to me.  Then I awoke to the wind howling and the house creaking.  Snow and wind here in Elk Rapids.

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