Carnivore/Keto Dreams – Update Carnivore to keto transition

Well, I’ll be in a new mirror and light for the next two months.  I don’t expect to post another picture for a few weeks at least, but thought I’d better get a before picture posted in this light.  One always looks completely different in a new mirror.  To date, I still haven’t lost all the neck and am certain it will take my skin a while to adjust to weight loss.

Today I just wanted to talk a bit about the changes since I’ve switched from Carnivore back to Keto.  Reminder: I was on Keto for three months and lost 15 pounds. then I was on Carnivore for 54 days and lost 6 more. I would say my weight is fine, though I apparently have more fat to lose in various places.  I returned to a restricted Keto diet about six weeks ago.  I  I should say I’ve added limited vegetables.  Mostly lettuce and a few cruciferous veggies.  A few mushrooms.  But no bread or potatoes.  Even so at first I lost my good mood, but that seemed to return after a week or so.  That’s the best news.  My skin has stayed pretty good, though, as well. Though not quite and I’m a bit more wrinkly.  And my stomach has been good. 

The worst thing is that I feel slightly like I’ve lost a bit of muscle tone or firmness.  I am hoping that adding in the veggies will bring my cholesterol somewhat back in line.  Will watch this.  My numbers will be rechecked the end of February.

My weight hasn’t changed much.  I haven’t lost anymore, I don’t think.  Of course, this is a different scale.  It seems to match my doctor’s scale.

I should say that my stomach has been so much better since I added Berberine to my diet.  I am only taking that and a homocysteine supplement that has folate (a natural version), B6 and B12, NAC, a couple other things.  I also take levothyroxine for my Hashimotos.  Occasional Vitamin D.  But I am very impressed with Berberine.  If you have SIBO, it may be a great supplement and it’s known to lower blood pressure, cholesterol and supposed to help with weight loss. My constipation is gone.

I don’t think I feel quite as good as on Carnivore, but cooking is more fun just adding in salad and a few veggies with cheese sauce.  Mushrooms.  But I think Carnivore works nearly as an elimination diet since I’m fairly certain that if people have food sensitivities it’s more likely plants than meat.  Dairy may be a problem, but I personally seem to tolerate a bit of it and lactaid milk helps my back where cheese and other calcium supplements don’t work.  My biggest take-away is that this has enabled me to get control over my health in a way nothing else has, even GAPS diet.  I think that GAPS might have helped at first except that they add too many vegetables in too soon and I believe people have problems with them.  And I also believe too many people have problems with yeast, yogurt, probiotics, and almost all alternative people are big on fermented vegetables.  Horrible for me.  GAPS was big on that.

Also, I seem to be able to eat a bit of something bad like cheesecake or a candy bar over Christmas with no ill effect at all. No trouble getting back on the diet, no weight gain, and no real desire to keep eating it all.  I always seemed to gain weight eating even a few things around the holidays.

So all in all interesting.

Food:  Yesterday ended up being a fast day for me.  I think I should also say that I feel I need to add fast days back in where I felt I didn’t need them on  Carnivore.  and I must note that I have cravings now where I had none on Carnivore.  But still less than when I eat more carbs.  Today, I had a few pastured eggs, a bit of cheese, 8 oz. of hamburger, a glass of milk, and a nice salad with Italian dressing.  As well as a couple handfuls of dark chocolate medley nuts.  That is my occasional dessert these days.   And that is that.

Dreams:  I dreamed Richard Gere and Julia Roberts were at a park and I seemed to be watching them swing and all.  I wasn’t interacting with them.   There was someone else there who seemed to be similar to Richard Gere in some way I was trying to interact with, but couldn’t seem to do it.  One of those stuck in the sand dreams.  Strange there seemed to be this substitute or body double.

The yoga research is fascinating on reincarnation especially.  More soon.  Happy Thursday.

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