Carnivore/Keto Dreams — Diet and Creativity

A thought you might consider in your lives.  Diet is integral to creativity.  When I started the Ketogenic diet, then moved to Carnivore for a bit, then back, I  wondered if it would affect creativity.  I’d heard lots of claims about both lifting “brain fog,” something I associate with old age and/or hormones.  But I wondered specifically about creativity.  When I was younger, I had bursts of it. And I can honestly say, I have periods that approach that kind of drive and inspiration.  But with perhaps more steadiness, fewer mood swings, maybe a more consistent energy.

There are a lot of reasons for this.  Removing toxins is part of it.  Your brain doesn’t work well when it’s being poisoned.  At least not for long.  Most religions incorporate fasting of some sort into its doctrine.  The Native Americans participated in vision quests and we’re all familiar with Lent and other traditions of this sort. I’m not certain if it is lack of food alone that alters perception of consciousness, but rather the focus, the control over oneself.   The lack of distraction. Not only does diet play a role in spiritual matters, it does indeed seem tied to creativity.  At least for me.  I don’t get inspiration from substances and I drink very little alcohol.  That kind of inspiration burns out pretty fast.

I recommend a good diet.

I’ve always had a theory that excess fat itself is really inflammation and losing it in combination with good nutrition allows the body and brain to function as it was meant to.  And studies seem to indicate that ketosis leads to creativity.

Happy Saturday.  I’m writing a bit today–I’m 50 pages into my novel. But will take off later today and tomorrow to watch the playoffs.  Food today is a roasted chicken, a good breakfast of keto mushroom casserole, roasted green beans, a bit of milk.

Dreams: None I remember.

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