Carnivore/Keto Dreams – Yoga

Today will be a yoga research day as I write a chapter related to it.  Meditation is critical to any healthy lifestyle.  And diet is vitally important to meditation and states of mind.  I think the one over-riding conclusion I have come to is that nothing about life experiences exists separate and singularly.  No vacuums out there and we humans inssit on deconstructing everything. Everything we do is part of a unifying whole:  work, diet, exercise, dreams, state of mind.  Even everything we see and connect with in an outer world.  All one.

I’ll report specifics tomorrow.  I have some book work to fit in today as well, and some light exercise.

Today, a bit of chicken and a salad.  Still under the weather, so a bit of bone broth.  Eating light.

Dreams:  Some nightmares last night.  I dreamed someone was trying to shoot me.  I had been somewhere like Alaska and this guy was hunting me, tracking me down to mainland USA.  I was hiding behind a guard rail and he was just missing me.  I seemed to lose him and was in some restaurant where people were feeding me and taking care of me.  The guy was huge with a gray beard.  I know I had later, more pleasant dreams, but this is the one that stuck.  Oh, but yes, I remember now my brother was there later, helping me.  So I’m getting closer to my family, invoking my mother.  I haven’t dreamed about him in a long time.  Encouraging.

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