Carivore/Keto Dreams -Dreamwalking

Some interesting research.  As I was researching different concepts for my novel:  Quantum Mechanics, Einstein’s theory of relativity, yoga, lucid dreaming and more,  I ran across a woman who taught at a tribal university in Arizona.  She was interested in all these same topics and the idea that science and religion are one.  I emailed her. Noticed she hadn’t posted on her webpage since 2008 and found an obituary for her.  Unfortunately.  Her website is fascinating.  Here is what she says about some of the mysticism she was exploring including yoga:

“The various forms of energy … chi, chakras, siddhas, subtle body forms, auras … have interested me for  a long time. It began very early when I first realized that I was consciously aware of things that others seemed to not notice or were unable to see. Like many aware individuals, I learned to not speak about those things. There was an implied if not direct disapproval. All these forms of awareness were simply not a part of the culture I chose to be born into. While I didn’t talk about “such”, I remained in a watchful state learning and observing as much as I could process. I am beginning this section with basic information that I have gleaned from many sources in my years of study. Once again I remind you to validate everything you hear from me or any other teacher through your own internal truth and experience.”

Not sure why this changed fonts and am sure it will take me an hour to figure it out, so guess I will leave it.  At any rate, I was deeply disappointed when I figured out she had died. But there is a wealth of information and ideas on her website for me to continue researching.  It’s strange in today’s day of technology, maybe something that’s good about it, but her spirit seems to have survived her in ways that are accessible to more people.  Instead of just those she touched face to face.  I wonder how many others have found that website.  Lucid dreaming, or dreamwalking in the Native American culture, are concepts that like yoga explore awakening in one’s life–we are more awake in our dreams than in our waking “realities” where we are really asleep.  Dream yoga involves lucid dreaming, directing our dreams.  Sleep yoga is a state of dreamless sleep.

The library here in Elk Rapids contacted me about being their community read for the year, so will be doing a reading here in July.  From my first book, A Good High Place.  Could be interesting to talk about our background here in upper Michigan somewhat in light of my new research project, novel, and lifestyle. Seemed synchronistic that they contacted me.

Today is exercise day as well as writing.  Food today will be a nice roasted chicken and some broccoli, bit of salad with blue cheese dressing and some nuts.  Milk.

Happy Wednesday all.  Let me know of your experiences with diet or lucid dreaming.

Dreams:  Must have been a sleep yoga night.  Seemed dreamless.


2 thoughts on “Carivore/Keto Dreams -Dreamwalking

  1. First time on your blog and already I’m fascinated. This post especially touched me – I’ve always had lucid dreams, which evolved dramatically the past 2 years since changing my diet (SAD to Keto to now Carnivore) and starting Yoga. Can you also share the website of the woman you mentioned?

  2. Thanks for the nod. I’m still experimenting carnivore to keto and back. They each have pluses and minuses and seem to affect my dream life (and “real” life). Here is Carol’s website. I’m hoping she shows up in my dreams. Sorry, I can’t hyperlink things yet on wordpress. But you can copy and paste. Cheers.

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