Carnivore/Keto – alternate worlds


Einstein “opened the door” so to speak for black holes and the possibility of multiple worlds or universes, yet in his life-time, he rejected that.  He was still looking for something that would unify general relativity and quantum mechanics but he didn’t think they had found it.  Still, as any true scientist, he often admitted he’d been wrong earlier in his lifetime.  And many scientists believe he would have done so yet again.

It would be up to others to explore the ramifications of his theories, something ongoing today.  Though they still believe there are missing pieces to our knowledge of it all.  One of the weirdest possibilities of multiple worlds in Quantum Mechanics:

“Because the MWI implies constant variability based upon probabilities, each new instance of you should be distinct, observing a world in which an alternative outcome has transpired. Subsequently, there are versions of you who are still with former romantic partners. Many of your alternate selves are happier and more successful than you are, and vice-versa. There should also be versions of you who have already died, or who have experienced the death of a loved one who’s still alive in your current world. There may even be “evil” versions of you, a la Star Trek. The possibilities are practically endless, so long as the basics of physics haven’t been violated.” – George Dvorsky

Love playing with physics as I write my fantasy novel.

Food today:  some leftover chicken and a nice salad.  Bit of broccoli.   Bacon and eggs for breakfast, some nice heavy cream in my brew.  Love to wake up to that coffee.  All organic, of course.

Happy Tuesday.  Thanks for the notes about the website.  I’m glad you are exploring diet and yoga.  Diet seems integral to spirituality or our sense of well-being, however you want to view it.

Dreams:  Didn’t sleep hardly, so didn’t dream hardly.  Just had a strange premonition that I-75 will not be safe on Sunday when I head downstate–I’ll go slow and go on 127 and then through Owosso–that feels safe.  Of course, I lived in Owosso as a child.  But the random thought was so strong, I will adjust my plans even though it will add forty five minutes to my trip.

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