Carnivore/Keto Dreams – Snow Day


A world frozen white.

A rabbit’s snowshoe tracks the only evidence

of a sleeping world.

A pause, an inhalation, like a breath held,

Such is a snow day

It’s Wednesday and here in Elk Rapids it’s snowing, up to nine inches by tonight/tomorrow a.m.  When it gets dark here these days, you can see the skating pond down by the bay, a new addition to an Elk Rapids winter, and a lovely one.  I don’t have to drive or shovel today, and I have wood for a nice fire.  A great day.

This morning, I’m writing.  I start the day with my organic coffee: the smell of the grind, and then as it brews; both seem even sweeter on a day like this one.  I’ll work a few hours, then take a break late morning and make a Carnivore casserole with spicy breakfast sausage, eggs, and cheese.  Well, I may use a bit of onion and fennel, so I guess I’ll call it a Keto casserole.


I’m writing a dream scene today, so just a quick note before I get going–I’m feeling a bit unmotivated on this snow day.  I have some chicken thighs for dinner and will use a touch of bbq sauce on them– not much– potatoes for Josh, and a broccoli organic medley.  It’s an exercise day as well, so hold a good thought I stay motivated.

Dreams:  Just cant remember them.

Happy Wednesday.


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