Carnivore/Keto Dreams – Fasting


Ok, so the picture is far from fasting.  I did that yesterday.  Today, I’m going to eat the prime rib special downtown Elk Rapids and likely a salad of some sort.

But I wanted to talk a bit about fasting.  It can really improve your health no matter what diet you are on.  It can protect your mitochondria.  It can stop the MTOR pathway that can cause cancer.  And of course, it can help you lose weight.   Help your liver rest and detox. Studies for years and years have proven that fasting and calorie restriction increases longevity so that’s a given.  I think either  a carnivore or keto diet can tend to be high in protein which makes addressing all of the above even more crucial.  I felt less inclined to fast on Carnivore than Keto.  Eating vegetables causes me to want to rest my gut.  But if I use Carnivore off and on, I’ve resolved to include fasting.

There are lots of versions of fasting.  It’s popular to do a five-day water fast, but I haven’t done that since I was in my twenties and back then I had horrible eating habits.  Two days is as long as I can go.  And usually I go one.   Usually one day a week, or every two weeks. I only eat a touch of heavy cream, organic coffee, and lots of filtered water.  Some people frown on coffee, but it’s considered a detox by many.  It’s satisfying and I feel like this protocol rests my system.  I also try to keep eating within a 6-8 hour window daily.  I eat my first meal about 1 p.m. and finish up by 7:30 on most days.

You can do intermittent fasting daily where you confine eating to a six hour window.  Studies show just doing this can have great bnefits.  You can do a water fast every other day and eat normally odd days.  You can do a water fast once a week or once every two weeks.  Obviously, you can do a five day water fast.  The latter requires a doctor’s approval and if you have diabetes or other health conditions, you should check before you do any of them.

But I am convinced it’s a wonderful addition to any healthy diet and lifestyle.

Food:  ah, yes, that prime rib.  I’ll also have a couple eggs this morning since today is a workout day.

Dreams:  Couldn’t retrieve them today.

Happy Friday!  I’m writing today and tomorrow, then heading downstate for a week for dentist and hair appointments.  And more.  I’ll try to write a few days down there as well.

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