Carnivore/Keto Dreams –


Happy Saturday.

Never lose your sense of wonder.  This guy never did.  I don’t know if happiness is attainable but I can promise you it’s a state of mind, not a state of circumstance.

I’m writing today and kicking back, so not a big blog post.  And my son will do some dancing (he has Downs) and loves to dance.  I have to stop and dance to Jackson Browne–Fountain of Sorrow.  Great song. So just a note to wish you well and a most joyous Sat.

Food:  I think I’m having lamb tonight.  Maybe.  Haven’t had it in a while.  Will report in on that.

Dreams:  Dreamed this couple I didn’t know asked me over for dinner and we brought it, my husband and I. Not sure what it was we brought.  I think I was supposed to cook.  These people kept dancing in a separate room and ignored us until we went away.  Then we could see them in the window playing cards.  All the while a stray dog was trying to bite me.  I’m guessing I wasn’t feeling real good about something in my life.  But I feel better now.

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