Carnivore/Keto – Disruptions


Today, I’ll try to write during my husband’s colonoscopy.  Thank God it’s not me.  🙂  Then back here for some yoga meditation.  Since it’s a high today even in lower Michigan of about zero, going out will not be fun.

Yesterday was the dentist.  Day before hair appointment.  A week of disruptions.  I try to think of them as pondering days.   And I should get about twenty pages written for the week which is not all that shabby.  I also like to think of them synchronistically.  I look for ways my regular life should inform my general life and more specifically my writing.

Tomorrow some thoughts on the Wolf Pack kids.  Kids who weren’t allowed out of an apartment in New York City for more than a few seconds for 14 years.

Food:  Some nice heavy cream in my coffee for on the road and some intermittent fasting until dinner.  Tonight will be some grilled pork chops, a nice salad with blue cheese dressing,  some broccoli, some good filtered water.

Dreams: I dreamed my father looked really old.  He was trying on some new glasses in front of a mirror and announced they made him look old.  He also appeared squattier and shorter to boot. So really, he looked more dumpy than old.  I know there was more to it than that.  My father still looks at least 15 years younger than his 87 years.  So not sure what that was about.

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