Carnivore/Keto -Wolf pack


These boys were raised in New York City.  The mother was from Michigan and met the father on a hike through the Incas.  They were home schooled and their father didn’t let them out of the apartment for fourteen years.  It’s quite a story.  They are intelligent, articulate and pretty well adjusted despite this–all due to their mother.  The rest of their learning and socialization came from watching movies–some 10,000 or more–and acting out many of them.  While I would never advocate someone imprisoning children this way, it is quite interesting how much better their education appeared to be than most public educations. They were also able to keep the kids away from drugs and alcohol (even though the father was an alcoholic and didn’t work).  It really makes you think.

I’m writing today, working on the novel–my last day for it this week.  Then I’ll go back up north Monday and be back at work  Tuesday.

Food:  A fast day.  A bit of heavy cream and filtered water.  Some exercise.

Dreams:  I had them but lost them.

Happy Thursday.

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