Carnivore/Keto Dreams-Dream Yoga


Happy Friday.  Well, I can tell you that I am progressing from lucid dreaming to dream yoga. I am not sure I’m quite at sleep yoga or bardo yoga, the latter experiencing death, but I have learned to remember my dreams quite well and to guide them some.  Here is a description of something I’ve been fascinated with:

Many people think dream yoga is the same as lucid dreaming, but it is not. For the Tibetan Buddhists who developed dream yoga, they believed that instead of falling asleep each night we can use that time to practice “waking up.” They assert that we are sleep walking through life.  What we call waking consciousness, from the perspective of someone who is truly awake (“buddha” means “the awakened one”), is not really awake.  If you see things as solid, lasting, and independent from you, in other words dualistically, you are asleep. Dream yoga is a set of meditations that transforms the way we relate to sleep and dream.  It is a profound way to turn one-third of our lives into meditation.  And it’s entertaining to boot.

“Dream yoga starts where lucid dreaming leaves off.  You wake up inside a dream, just like with lucid dreaming, but instead of indulging your mind you start to train it.  This is the yoga part.

“You’ll find that dream yoga teaches us how to first wake up in our dreams (same as lucid dreaming), but then extends process to help us wake up from the dream — sometimes the nightmare — of daily life.  When you gain some skill with dream yoga, you progress into sleep yoga, which shows you how to maintain a subtle awareness even in deep dreamless sleep.

“Let me explain the dream yoga journey.

“The progression of sleep and dream yoga is something like this: first you learn how to remember your dreams; then you learn how to wake up in them; then you train your mind in the dream; then you learn how to stay awake in dreamless sleep.  All the while you are taking the insights from the night and transposing them into the day.  Not only are you transforming the night into meditation, but you begin to transform your life.  You start to wake up, in the spiritual sense.

“Dream yoga is also one of the best ways to prepare for death. The mental body we have after death is almost identical to the mental body we have in dreams, and the experiences in dream and death are also similar.  By bringing the darkness of ignorance (sleep) into the light of consciousness with dream and sleep yoga, we not only illuminate and eventually eliminate sleep and dream, but also death.

“So while dream yoga is fun, it is also a powerful way to penetrate the nature of mind and reality.  It is a way to bring sleep, dream, and even death onto the spiritual path. You will not sacrifice your rest with these meditations, but you will sacrifice your ignorance.”

Food:  Lunch out today and dinner at a friend’s.  So it will likely be a bunless burger and rotisserie chickens, vegetables.

Dream:  I dreamed I was showing a bottle of supplements to a woman doctor I didn’t recognize, explaining the benefits.  I think it was my homocysteine supplement that contains B vitamins, folic acid, choline, TMG and NAC, all designed to lower homocysteine levels.  (I’m also on Berberine designed to lower cholesterol but I didn’t seem to be showing her that one).  Then in a later dream, I was escaping from something I can’t remember, and  a young teenager was guiding us and some other people down a river in what seemed liked an Au  Sable boat with a motor:  a canoe flattened off in the back.  I yelled at her to go the other side of some structure, but she negotiated between some and we scraped the bottom a little.  I told her that route was possible, but she was lucky this time with the river so low.  So I knew the river.

Happy dreams.

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