Carnivore/Keto Dreams-Taxes


The Beatles – Taxman cover

Today sometime, we’ll have an idea how bad the tax situation is for the year.  I hope not as bad as last year.  Waiting to get a sense of it before I can know if I can go to Florida to check on my dad in March.

I am out today seeing Mary Poppins Returns with a friend and dinner at a favorite Italian place. Will be hard not to have linguini in clam sauce, so we’ll see.

Happy Saturday and if you are doing your taxes, I wish you well on that as well.

Food:  New York strip steak, calamari salad maybe, or a tomato salad. Should be nice.

Dreams:  Strange ones.  All over the place.  My niece Katie was staying with me which would be weird since she just had twins.  I figure she has better things to do.  My ceiling was leaking and my husband was supposed to fix it.  Big puddle on the foyer floor.  This was not my house, by the way.  Or anything like it.  I looked out the window and first there was a small bear upside down in the snow under a bush a ways out–then I looked again and it was a man-sized stuffed animal, a tan bear with a red scarf, face down in the snow.  Seemed somehow ominous, like a threat to us.  A friend of mine was sitting in a trench coat, a light tan one, looked way out of place.  He couldn’t decide if he should take it off.  He was supposed to be in school.  He had a dog that he was leaving in a crummy old blue sedan while he was in school. I was trying to get something out of the car for some unknown reason and the whole right front fender fell off.  I spent the rest of the night, it seemed, trying to shove it back on.  Have to think a while on all that.

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