Carnivore/Keto Dreams – Spring


Ah, they say the ground hog didn’t see his shadow yesterday, so early spring.  Such news probably came as a relief to most of us in the Midwest where we have been racked by sub-zero temperatures for days.  I’ve heard a lot of people hate February but I think February turns the corner on winter and March is the bad month that seems to just loiter with dampness, not much pretty snow, and rarely even a hint of spring here in Michigan–a good month to get south for a few weeks and some much-needed sun and vitamin-D.  My stores are depleted.

Remember, the sun is crucial and vitamin-D supplementation is no substitute regardless of what conventional medicine and your dermatologist tells you.  Even melanoma is associated with low vitamin-D levels and usually occurs in places not exposed to the sun, so it’s the more minor skin cancers that occur with too much sun exposure.  So always get a bit, just don’t overdo it. Use a natural sun block AFTER you’ve gotten that half hour or an hour–Dr. Mercola sells a good zinc based one.  Never use conventional blocks.

A little Einstein quote for your for Sunday about always taking chances and pushing the edge of your envelope.  One of the secrets to life right there.

It’s Superbowl Sunday, and I’m not certain who I will root for.  Since I was a Saints fan (since Lions are never in it), I have trouble rooting for the Rams.  Patriots played so well in the playoffs.  So will see my inclinations at kick-off.

Food:  Keto Chili and Wings.

Dreams:  Had them in the middle of the night, but failed to write them down.  I haven’t quite been on my routine downstate here.


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