Carnivore/Keto Dreams – Empathy

Dream Imagery5

Happy Tuesday.  I’m back in Elk Rapids trying to get organized and back into my novel.  I was up all hours of the night with something nagging at me–you know, the usual:  what is the purpose of life.  But more specifically, how was I going to handle any hot button political issues in my book that even though will be present, are not the point of the book.  Which then led me to ask:  what IS the point of the book.

Without giving away the whole plot (and since there are several themes and “points” to the book, I can tell you one thing:  the real bottom line of the book and the bottom line to life is pretty simple.  Regardless of how it shakes out for everyone, there has to be one over-reaching lesson we’re supposed to grasp, and I have to say that for many of we idiot humans, it seems one we can’t seem to mastermind.  Instead we seem to get stupider and stupider.

It’s compassion.  And not just for those we deem worthy or those who agree with us–for everyone. Uniqueness and diversity are virtues to be appreciated but not without some degree of compassion for every person’s human experience.  Universalism still has a place here–let’s not throw out the baby with the bathwater.  And let’s never sacrifice even one individual to some bloodless ideal.

Food:  A fast day for me.  I’ll make my son Josh a couple egg dishes today.

Dreams: I am getting the hang of lucid dreaming.  I woke abruptly with the strange idea that even though I couldn’t remember what I’d just dreamed that I had woken up and left off in  the middle of “reality”and that my waking experience was nothing of the sort.

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