Carnivore/Keto Dreams – Breaking the fast

Frittata 3

Well, it’s not summer, and not over the wood fire, but a small keto-friendly frittata sounds nice since I fasted yesterday and I’ve been battling a bit of a headache.   It’s easy.   I have everything I need for one:

Much smaller (medium) cast iron skillet

7 eggs

small container of button mushrooms or other mushroom of your choice

1/2 red pepper chopped (optional)

one medium onion

half pound of breakfast sausage or bacon

5 oz. grated cheese of your choice

salt and pepper to taste

tablespoon fresh tarragon, oregano, or basil or other fresh herbs

chopped fresh chives for garnish

Brown the sausage or bacon in the skillet and drain most of the grease.  Add the mushrooms and onions and saute until soft. Whisk the eggs together along with the fresh herbs, salt and pepper, and a bit of the cheese. Pour over the mushroom mixture and saute until the eggs just start to set along the edges.  Sprinkle the rest of the cheese over the top and put the pan under the broiler until the cheese starts to bubble and brown and the eggs are just set in the middle.  Garnish with chives. Serve with fresh berries.  Serves 2-3.  Obviously, increase quantities for more people and use a large skillet.  Measurements needs not be exact.  Part of the beauty of the frittata!

I like Swiss cheese and bacon and mushrooms in which case tarragon or basil are very nice.  Or you can use spicy sausage and Monterrey jack and add some hot pepper flakes.  Or spicy sausage and a Mexican blend taco cheese.  Broccoli and sharp cheddar are a nice combo.  You can make a keto pizza by adding a bit fresh tomato and mozarella/Monterrey jack cheese at the end.  Frittatas are a bit more like a pizza consistency (especially leftover) than my carnivore casserole which is a bit more like quiche without a crust.  Both are nice. But just throw in whatever you have leftover or hanging around the fridge.  Both the casserole and the frittata make a nice easy dinner as well.  Not just for breakfast anymore!

Bon Appetit!

Food:  A sausage, mushroom, Swiss frittata and many cups of good  organic coffee.  Bunless cheeseburger and toppings.  Filtered water.

Dreams:  Yesterday I woke up realizing my dreams were my real existence and I’d somehow been interrupted and lost in them.  Last night I dreamed I was at some kind of flea market or maybe a horse show. We had a trailer at it.  This old guy told me the mice would get inside it for sure, both the trailer and the car, which didn’t thrill me.  I didn’t know any of the people I was with.  I was telling them about being claustrophobic on this cruise ship but it was worth it (I’ve never been on one and I’m claustrophobic just thinking about it, so doubt I’ll do that in real life).  Then I was staying with these people at their home, but I wanted to go back to mine.  Promised I’d come back in the morning and help them clean up what seemed to be a big mess.  There was more to it.  Some guy I didn’t know was giving me a lift home.

Happy dreams.


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