Carnivore/Keto Dreams –Sickness


A note about carnivore/keto and winter colds, virus, and flu.  My father, who has gotten the flu shot the last two years, is deathly ill in Florida as we speak.  He is 87 and susceptible since he has COPD and more.  I have never gotten flu shots, but I do use those grocery store wipes on my carts.

Since eating keto and carnivore with very few cheat days, mostly around the holidays, my health has been remarkably better.  I do get more migraines on keto than carnivore,  but overall less headaches since moving into those diets from paleo.  But my stomach has been incredibly better as well as back and joint pain.  I had my front teeth capped a while ago and I have had a bit of trouble getting my gums to accept porcelain which seems to have translated into some inflammation in my face.  But other than that, I haven’t even had a cold all winter.  My mood was the best on carnivore alone, but a restricted keto has worked pretty well.

I repeat cholesterol tests end of this month and homocysteine and c-reactive protein.

I haven’t lost any more weight since going to keto.  In fact, I may have gained a pound or two, go up and down a bit.  I also feel I’ve lost muscle tone since going to keto.

My skin is definitely not as nice on keto from carnivore.  Will check cholesterol and if it’s back under 300, I may do some months here and there of pure carnivore.

But it’s very interesting to note I haven’t contracted any contagious winter colds, flu, or even the strep my son exposed me to.

Something to be said for that.

Food today is a nice salad and grass fed burger and cheese, I think.  Bit of blue cheese in the salad and a couple mushrooms.  All starting with some fresh ground organic coffee.  Not much breakfast today, I think.  Will get into my writing.

Happy Friday.

Dreams:  Not many–been sleeping poorly waiting to hear how my dad is.  Keep a good thought.


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