Carnivore/Keto Dreams

12 archetypes

Who are you?  I suppose I would fall between The Sage and The Explorer.  With maybe a bit of the Magician and Jester thrown in for good measure.  Jung, what a guy.

We are having major winter here in northern Michigan–brutal temps and snow and wind.  Good for staying in and writing, but not much else.

Food:  I will skip breakfast and save myself for steak au poivre (I’ll post a picture tomorrow).  Cognac sauce with tarragon and stuff, too.  Nice salad.  Should be good.

Observations:  I was on Keto for three months, switched to Carnivore for two months, back to keto for the last two months or so.  I definitely had better skin and muscle tone on Carnivore (though I always start looking poorly in Feb. without sun exposure–pills don’t do it).  I’ve gained a pound or maybe two as well.  I am rarely eating more carbs than 25/day but I think drinking a bit of wine is part of it.  My mood isn’t as good, again, could be partly sun exposure.  I’m headed to Florida for the month of March to take care of my dad and some of this will likely improve. Still, I think the month of April may be a carnivore month.

Dreams:  worried about my dad’s health and not sleeping/dreaming as well.  Happy Saturday.

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