Carnivore/Keto Dreams



My dad has Parkinson’s.  He has heart problems, too,  and COPD to some extent, but it’s the Parkinson’s that sucks.

You don’t want that, let me tell you.

He’s 87 and the biggest problem is he falls. The sinemet doesn’t work as well as it used to so he shakes so much it’s hard to cook or eat.  He gets constipated.  He gets confused and disoriented a lot.  His once unbelievably expressive face looks blank a lot.  He has a sleep disorder where he flails so much he flies out of bed, sometimes cutting an arm or his head.

We’ve erred on the side of letting him keep his independence, but it’s getting where we really don’t want him to live alone. I need to stay with him and/or get people coming in and this is a conversation nobody wants to have.

This disease robs you of every shred of dignity.

Parkinson’s is tied to pesticides so whatever you don’t don’t put Roundup or Preen herbicides on your garden like he always did. Filter your water, eat organic. Eat good fats:  grass fed butter, olive oil, limited coconut oil.   B vitamins, Curcumin, Vitamin D might help.

Food:  I’m roasting a chicken today, pictures tomorrow…

Happy Monday.

Dreams:  I’ve been having dreams in the middle of the night, but not writing them down last few nights and I lose them. One dream yesterday was about my dad, but I don’t remember it much.

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