Carnivore/Keto Dreams -Bumps in the Night


Paranormal Activity

I didn’t write about this the first time it happened.  I’m  here at my dad’s house, working on a fantasy novel, the house in which my mother suffered a massive stroke (though didn’t die here), and I admit I have been invoking her in my dreams to answer a question about a premonition she had:  who told her my son would be born with  Down Syndrome.  She said it wasn’t a dream, someone had told her.  I made the big mistake of never asking who told her, being skeptical and uncomfortable with the whole thing at the time.

So admittedly, I am in an imaginative mood.  All in all.

So a couple weeks ago, I had just gotten into bed.  I was watching TV from my father’s room.  It was between 11 and midnight, I’d say, when I heard this enormous crash.  My dog went wild, barking and carrying on.  It had been sort of prolonged, like a huge crash, and scraping, the house shuddering.  It reminded me slightly of the huge ice chunks that would slide off my metal roof at my camp in the U.P.–only this was not a metal roof and the house had no snow or ice on it.  I had checked, but first, I made sure no one had broken in.  Then I tore down to the basement where my son sleeps to see if he was ok. He was sitting quietly in the twin bed drinking his  Pure Leaf tea.  Nothing inside the house was out of place anywhere.  Not furniture, not pictures.  Though this crash could hardly be attributed to a picture falling.  Outside, I was looking for a branch that might have fallen on the house.  This night was a bit windy. I was afraid the vaulted ceiling was giving way, but all seemed fine.


This house has always popped and creaked a lot.  It has been in my family since 1940, built by my great aunt near the site where my great-great grandfather had once built his blacksmith shop.  The blacksmith shop no longer stands.

But since I could not account for it, I forgot about it.

Until last night.

Another crash about midnight.  My dog Maggie jumped up and ran around the house barking again.  Again, nothing out of place.  Josh sitting in his bed, nothing broken.  The crash wasn’t quite as loud and no house shuddering.  It happened twice more before 1 a.m., the second and third time were not as loud,  and my dog didn’t stir, I guess having become used to all the commotion.

I can’t explain this.  It is more than a house snapping in the cold.  Though I do believe it got very cold last night. I’ve checked the drywall and structure for cracks to see if the vaulted ceiling could be giving way but it all looks fine.  Last night I would describe it more as if someone in the attic pushed over a dresser.  The second and third times it was as if someone with a huge hand was pounding on the wall of the house.  Just once each time. But again, no one was around, and last night, though, cold, was not windy.  Tonight, the low is forecast for 12 degrees.  Last night might have been colder, but three weeks ago or so, I recall it as windy, but not that cold.  Will see what the night holds and report back.

I had some kind of dream once I finally slept that made me uneasy when I woke, but I couldn’t come up with it.

I’m here until  Sunday when I go downstate to Romeo for a week of doctor appointments, and then on to Florida for a month.  I’ll bring my dad back up here and stay a few weeks, help a friend who is having hip surgery.

My cholesterol and inflammation markers, plus Vitamin D will be rechecked this coming Monday, and I have a follow-up appointment with my doctor a week from  Friday.  So more diet news shortly.

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