Carnivore/Keto Dreams – On writing


Snoopy fits two goals.  First of all, it was dark and sort of stormy last night, but no bumps in the night.  Totally quiet.  So hard to figure out what the huge crashes were.  Will see how tonight goes.

I have three days left to write and I figure 30 pages left on my roughing out my fantasy novel.  I tend to under-write, so I’ll be letting it sit, reading up on things like dream, sleep, and bardo yoga, making notes for revision which I should start the first of April.  I’ll have written 350 pages in less than two months.  Not bad.  It’s been snowy since I arrived and I’ve been writing and sipping coffee in front of my dad’s wood stove.  Not too bad.

On Monday, I have my blood drawn to check cholesterol (mine-had gone to nearly 400 on carnivore), c-reactive protein, homocysteine, and vitamin D. I’ve added in berberine supplements and a few vegetables as well a  homocysteine supplement, so will see if it came back down under 300 where I will be happy. I’ll do a weigh in around this time and more pictures.  I don’t think I’ve lost much more weight.  Maybe gained a little, but I think I continue to gain health.

I do the Warriormade Workouts 2-3 times/week and I do yoga 2-3 times/week as well. I’m very disciplined, so it’s usually a rigid schedule that interrupts which normally consists of travel but sometimes doctor appointments.

Food today: I’m writing and doing yoga and I’ll roast a nice chicken today and some potatoes for Josh.  With a nice salad.  Breakfast will be organic fresh brewed coffee and a couple eggs.

Dreams: Nope. Had them and then lost them.

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