Carnivore/Keto Dreams – On the Road Again

First Snow Oct. 11, 2018

I came downstate yesterday ahead of another storm.  This week is one of doctor appointments (I’ll be able to update cholesterol by week’s end).  I also have to have breast thermography and my hair done this week.  Pack up our little RV.

We are headed to Florida Friday a.m. where I’ll finally be able to get some vitamin D directly from the sun as we are meant to. I’ll need to help my father out as well, but I’ll eat some oysters, and go to one of my favorite restaurants in Mount Dora–Pisces Rising.

I’ll post some pictures of the good eating.

We are meeting some dear friends there for a week and we’re cooking up some good shrimp and seafood from the panhandle.

We’ll take three days to get there.  First day north of Nashville, second day panhandle, third day Mount Dora.

Happy Sunday.

Dreams–bit distracted finishing my rough out and the travel.  Don’t remember them.

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