Carnivore/Keto Dreams -Thermography

Breast thermography

Breast thermography. A good adjunct (or replacement) for mammography.

Some like it hot.  Thermography can detect abnormal heat in the breast (or other parts of the body–it detects inflammation even in teeth), up to ten years before it shows up in a breast exam or mammogram.  Had mine today.

I also had my cholesterol and inflammation markers retested since I added in limited vegetables and berberine.  I should have results to post for Friday.

Happy Tuesday.  We are at Karmanos today having my son’s follow up tests for his cancer. So far so good on that.

We will eat at Camp Ticonderoga.  Hopefully a celebration.

I wrote my Epilogue for my fantasy novel yesterday.  This means I’ll ponder my work in March and begin revision in April.  So this month, I’ll really concentrate on the dream diary.

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