Carnivore Dreams – Thoughts on Mikhaila Peterson, DNA


The Carnivore Diet thoughts.  Well, to refresh your memory, I was on keto for about three months, Carnivore for about two months, then I’ve mostly been on keto another couple months with a cheat day here and there.

I felt fabulous on Carnivore, lost about twenty-two pounds overall, but my cholesterol skyrocketed to almost 400, so I added in berberine and salad and broccoli, green beans, asparagus, etc.  Had my numbers rechecked Monday.  Results Thursday, I’ll post Friday.  My weight has stayed down since I returned to keto and I’ve felt fairly well, though on one of the cheat days, I had some tacos and my eyes swelled up.

Mikhaila Peterson (the carnivore woman from Canada) just posted her labs on her site and amazingly, her numbers were great.  Her total cholesterol was only 133!  Her HDL could have been better and her vitamin D was low.  Interestingly, she ONLY eats beef and I ate chicken, oysters, a bit of fish.  She doesn’t eat grass fed, and I ate only grass fed beef.  I also ate eggs and butter and bacon. A bit of dairy.  So I probably ate more fat than she did but my HDL was better and my vitamin D level was 60 while hers was 28, way too low.  I also ate a bit of organ meat along the way, reluctantly.  Mikhaila’s arthritis has disappeared on Carnivore as well as her depression.

My conclusions, after doing 23 and Me DNA studies is that we are all different and probably do better on different diets.  There are three muscle types and I have an elite athlete muscle type.  Would guess she does, too, which might account for our feeling well.  I also have an autoimmune disorder (well, two, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and allergic rhinitis to tons of plants), so it’s possible restricting our diets works for people with autoimmune issues.

The cholesterol is a mystery.  Though I had eggs.  And I was drinking a bit of bullet proof coffee and that alone can be the culprit.  I’ve cut out most butter.  I still use a bit of heavy cream.  If you study cholesterol, you’ll also find, inexplicably, that if you FAST, or if you have lost weight, your cholesterol will rise.  But at the same time, your triglycerides go down, blood pressure goes down, glucose goes down, and of course, I’ve lost weight.  Feel great. I also eat no trans fats, only good fats.

I am interested in my Vitamin D level now that a few more months of winter have gone by and I haven’t supplemented it consistently.  She is also checking my inflammation markers, c-reactive protein and homocysteine.   My c-reactive protein was real low which is good, but my homocysteine level was slightly elevated. I’ve been on a homocysteine supplement for that as well.

I always feel poorly in February, because I need the real sun.  I’ll be in Florida here for a month and that should improve my overall health.

Overall, I am very convinced that there have been few studies on nutrition that isolate types of fat, specific diets, OTHER health markers (mine are so great), and more.  Metabolic syndrome is much more deadly and the majority of people who die and/or have cardiac events do NOT have elevated cholesterol.  I hope the next ten years changes these practices drastically.   Doctors need to know more about nutrition and they need nutritionists on staff–hopefully ones more open-minded than current practices.  I am convinced people eat too many carbs in general, but of course, the worst thing you can do is eat anything processed, carbs or not.  I imagine certain people might do well on all plants if they are all whole foods and organically grown.

Food:  Dinner tonight with my two friends Carol and Karen–at DaFrancesco’s.  Great restaurant.  I’ll likely have the New York strip–it was great.

Dreams:  I dreamed that I was surrounded by black bears of many ages and sizes and sort of trapped in this cabin, though I did finally get out and managed to climb an enormous, nearly straight up sand dune.  Then I had some kind of animals coming into like an antique mall, but they were gentle like llamas maybe. Could be a metaphor for the great report we received at Karmanos Cancer Institute yesterday– my son’s tumor markers are back down and he doesn’t have to go back for cat scans for six months!

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