Carnivore/Keto Dreams – Diet and Dreams

dream Imagery6

Lucid Dreaming. My experiment with it and my work has been amazing.  Though it adds much more to peoples’ lives than they realize, and certainly to mine, I still feel like I have not begun to dive or delve into this potential vast ocean of experience.  My mother has arrived in my dreams several times (that was the original goal–if Time isn’t real, even though she is deceased, perhaps when she shows up it could be more than imagination).  Since I couldn’t remember the last time I’d been conscious of dreaming of her, I consider this quite successful she’s arrived three times.

However, she seemed more peripheral in the dreams and I didn’t seem to be engaging with her directly or at length.  To remind, I wanted to ask her who “told” her my son Josh would be born with Downs.  She had a premonition she said was not a “dream.”  Though I think she had been sleeping.  Which makes me wonder if she was experiencing something like Dream yoga or Dreamwalking in the case of the Native Americans.

What I have found so far is that if you focus when you go to sleep–in my case, I invoke my mother’s presence–you are far more likely to engage and remember your dreams. Regardless of content.  A dream diary is essential, because if you don’t record your dreams immediately when you wake up, there’s a good chance you’ll forget them within a couple hours.  I’ve read about the process and even accounts from people who teach Dream Yoga, and sometimes people are tired or busy.  You can’t stay focused on lucid dreaming (or Dream Yoga, Sleep Yoga, or Bardo Yoga), full time it seems. I’ve noticed on weeks I have a lot of appointments, or if I’m traveling, it’s much more difficult.  So I’ve just now gotten settled for the month in our spot in Florida.  And am sure I’ll have more success again.

But I guess what IS amazing is how much control you really have over the process!  And of course, how much it adds to your life.  If we are truly “awake” in our dreams and “asleep” in our lives, this can be truly eye opening.  So to speak!  Ha.  But my life feels much more complete when it is going well.

But today in Florida is only 43 at 9 a.m. and going to 60 with wind chill warnings for folks unaccustomed to the Michigan temps I just left.  It did feel cold here yesterday and another day (or a bit chillier) here today.  We have some inside chores to do for my dad.

Diet:  I’ve added in a bit of lettuce, broccoli, nuts, wine, etc. Salad dressings. Very limited.  It helped to bring my cholesterol in line, but I wake up sometimes with a feeling of dread like I used to.  That was totally gone on Carnivore.  I know I have at least some autoimmune disorders:  Hashimotos thyroiditis and allergies to airborne particles and foods, so I may be affected mood-wise by food.  My stomach has tolerated these limited additions, but I DO notice a change in mood.  Today I’ll have a couple grass fed burgers with Swiss cheese and mushrooms, maybe some bacon and eggs.   Glass of lactaid, some heavy cream in my coffee.   See if I can stay away from plants today and restore my mood a bit.

Dreams:  Well night before last, I was completing all this paperwork for something I can’t remember.  Piles of it.  But nothing I remember from last night.

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