Carnivore/Keto Dreams – California Dreaming


Had lots of strange dreams last night–due, I’m sure, to focusing in on them.  I even think my mother might have been there briefly, though not long.  It was nice because I was young or young-ish and it seemed I was in school somewhere in Michigan, but trying to qualify for a grad school of some sort in California.  Seemed I was accepted.  Except in the dream I’d already lived there (which of course I did in real life for four years–this was my view out the front window of the beach house except I would see it from the other side).

I was packing manuscripts, some I had written, one I seemed to plan to study.  It was at least two feet tall and had a funny name for the type of book it was that I can’t remember, but seemed musical, like L’Etude or something.  Luckily I think I planned to drive since carrying all this on a plane would have been a bit sad.

There were people sending me off, some going along, friends.  Though I didn’t recognize any of them.  A young woman who told another one who was going that she needed to be sure her boyfriend got sun–he looked yellow.  I felt excited about going.

Then I was packing clothes in a house I didn’t really recognize. But then I was packing clothes and things in the horse barn and that was the one I grew up in.  Well, I didn’t grow up in the barn, you know what I mean.  The horse barn we had when I was a child. As I was packing,I heard this “heavenly” music, thought I was imagining it, but I looked out and there was a whole marching band in our field in full uniform.  Their uniforms were red and white maybe like the Romeo Bulldog uniforms where my kids went to school. Full military send off I guess, or maybe they just saw a big field where they could practice.  The music was fabulous, at first more symphonic, but then turned into a march. They filled the whole field.

I was aware I was dreaming, but didn’t see much I wanted to influence about the dream, other than an urgency to get on the road.  And a desire to extend the dream.  I knew I had a lot of writing in my future and wanted to get on with it.  Though I wasn’t writing or studying much when I lived there in my twenties.  Worked in the estimating department of a construction company–really fun job, though.

Food:  I stayed mostly carnivore yesterday:  Lactaid milk, a bit of Swiss cheese, grass-fed burgers with a bit of mushrooms/sauteed onion, bbq sauce, wine.  Bacon and eggs.  Today will be similar.  Italian sausage with a bit of green pepper and onion, a few eggs, milk and cheese, maybe skip wine today.  Lots of water.  Pellegrino and spring water.

Some carnivore people don’t do well on dairy, but I seem to if I drink Lactaid and stick to small amounts.  My back hurts without milk and my hair and skin suffer.  Supplements don’t do it.  There is a lot of vitamin C in broccoli and red peppers, though I take an occasional supplement.  I got a Vitamin C gummy sample at the Health Basket yesterday when I was picking up grass fed butter, Himalayan Sea Salt and Organic Pepper grinders, a nut medley.  I have to be careful with nuts, just once or twice/week.  But they have a nice cashew/almond/pistachio mix dry roasted with sea salt.

The weather was a high of 60 last two days but sunny and going to 72 today and good weather upcoming, so will get some vitamin D at last, read a bit of T.C. Boyle in the sun.  Sunday I made reservations for my birthday (a little early) at Pisces Rising, one of my all time favorite restaurants. A review of them tomorrow, but they are:  Las Brisas Mexican restaurant-Laguna Beach, CA, Stella’s-Traverse City, MI,  Pisces Rising-Mount Dora, FL, Da Francesco’s- Shelby Township, MI, Mode’s Steak house-Traverse City, MI,  The Oyster Troff, Eustis, FL, and Pat’s Steakhouse, Louisville, Kentucky.

Happy Thursday.

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