Carnivore/Keto Dreams –Diet mishap

Bloody Mary

Stock photo.

I had a bad experience this a.m.  For the first time in six months I woke with pain in my esophagus, bloated, pain in right side and stiff hip and back.  Something that was par for the course for me nearly every day before going Carnivore/Keto.

For those of you unfamiliar, I’ve been on either Carnivore or Keto for the last six months or better except for an occasional cheat day.  Very occasional.  I felt great on Carnivore, but my cholesterol was 445, something even with all my other risk factors perfect, gave me pause.  Adding back in JUST A FEW veggies (salad, broccoli, asparagus, mushrooms, some tomato based soups, a few tomatoes, in very limited quantities, along with some Berberine supplement), I had really been feeling pretty well except for dryer, wrinklier skin.  And my cholesterol came down 200 points to just where I wanted my ratios and overall cholesterol (people over 60 live longer if they have a total of 250 and above and mine fell to 247).  Berberine also helped my stomach a lot.

I have an autoimmune thyroid problem, Hashimotos, so suspect I have a lot of allergies to plants, and that may be why I feel so much better limiting them.

BUT yesterday I wanted to add back in a whey protein drink of Dr. Mercola’s with a raw egg and some heavy cream, bit of Lactaid.  Read the package after I drank it (after my new stainless steel smoothie shaker leaked all over and all over me) and it said it had more carbs than I wanted AND added “fiber.”  Was a bit worried.  Then I’d forgotten my dad wanted to make us Bloody Mary’s.  They were great, but I also had Bloody Mary Mix and dill sauce yesterday.

So not sure the culprit but I’d put my money on the whey protein with “fiber.”  For the side ache at least.  I will drink lots of water and coffee today and hope I feel good when we go to Pisces Rising tonight.  I’ll stick to the New York strip and some mussels, I think.  I will try his Bloody Marys once more some time, but will stick with my chardonnay or a bit of red wine, I think.  For near future.  Since I also suspected nightshades once in salsa, it could have been the Bloody Mary mix with hot sauce.  Or dill sauce.

I’m going to limit tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, bell peppers, hot peppers (damn–though I seem to do ok with dried spices on things) because of it.  I love hot peppers.  But Tom Brady doesn’t eat nightshades either.  He looks pretty good. 🙂

I was going to try to introduce whey back into my diet– it’s so good to maintain muscle and since I’m 64 on Wednesday (good god), I need to preserve it.  But may have to make my own smoothies with whey isolate I have at home and make it with no “fiber” or even stevia.  I still haven’t added blueberries back in but wanted to add just a few to see how I did at some point, and will try them for sweetener, just a bit of stevia maybe.

But I think I will skip the whey protein shake for now and the Bloody Marys for now.  I also had an eye stuck shut and a slight headache so something didn’t agree with me.

Dreams:  lots of strange ones, though.  My friend Karen had decorated her whole house for Christmas and it looked like a fairy land–she loves Christmas.  I was trying to work on my own house, not for Christmas, but was outside trying to find a water spigot which seemed to be in the middle of a road and buried in at least four feet or so of snow.  Then Mathew Perry showed up (always good when I dream of my comedians), though he told me I owed him for helping me on the house.  I asked him if $500 in two monthly payments was ok to get him the thousand, and he agreed.  Then I dreamed this guy in my dream couldn’t do even two push-ups and when analyzed by this shrink (somehow) it was revealed that he couldn’t relate to people since he showed a movie of him being chased around by dogs and rats–he liked them apparently.  Nothing of my mother.

Happy Sunday!


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