Carnivore/Keto Dreams – Vitamin D

If you are near Shelby Township, MI, and are even part Italian (I have a bit), stop by Da Francesco’s.  It’s amazing.  They started in a little strip mall and I used to take my little kids there cuz I could eat decently and not worry about disturbing anyone—the waitresses spoke Italian and their little kids ran around behind them.  Now they moved across the way and it’s the most popular restaurant in Shelby, I’m sure.  Love the mural and they have great live music.  Great place.  I love the marinated calamari salad and when I’m cheating I have the linguini in clam sauce, but I usually have the New York strip there.  So good.  Their conference room is very elegant and the other rooms have old time Italian photos all over.  Sophia Loren and Verna Lisi are up there along with Brando, Sinatra, Dean Martin, Pacino, Stallone, Deniro, and a couple more.  The Sopranos guy.

Vitamin D—this is a very important topic.  Whatever you do, do not listen to people who tell you to stay out of the sun and/or use toxic sun screens.  You need at least half hour/day before covering with nitric oxide or some kind of natural sun screen.  Dr. Mercola has a good sun screen and I have a better one I like–same stuff  LureLux.  Get it on Amazon.  If you can get real sun, it’s crucial.  Vitamin D is not a “vitamin.”  It’s more like a hormone.

When I was young, after a long cold winter, I’d get that first sunny day and get out in the sun in my bikini.  I swear to you I could FEEL my body “humming.”  Like it was a car “missing” before.   It’s not quite so noticeable now that I’m old which I’m sure means I need more of it.  But a few days in Florida, and already I feel better.  I don’t have real sensitive skin, so I allow half hour without sun screen, then cover up my face and chest, and arms with the nitric oxide based stuff and go about two hours total.  Vitamin D pills do NOT do the same thing.  They are ok in a pinch, but all life comes from the sun, friends.  ALL of it. Plants need it and we do, too.  There may be a few people who shouldn’t get out in it for a few reasons, Lupus one maybe.  But keep in mind low vitamin D levels are implicated in almost all cancers, including melanoma which usually shows up in places not exposed to the sun.

Still trying to adjust to this time change—it’s not easy, but at least being on vacation helps.

Food today:  Just a couple eggs, filtered water, great dark roast organic coffee, a bit of cheese, pork tenderloins on the grill, broccoli, and a few roasted potatoes and bread for those carb types around here.  Maybe a touch of wine, but think I’ll stay to water since I have two celebration days upcoming.

Dreams:  Some people do evil things and claim they were inspired to do them by “dreams.”  So the power of them can’t be underestimated.  Still, like in hypnosis, people won’t do things under the influence of them they wouldn’t have done anyway.  So many good things dreams do:  solve creativity problems, work through life issues, premonition possibilities, entertainment–don’t underestimate that value!!  And much more.

One thought on “Carnivore/Keto Dreams – Vitamin D

  1. Thanks for the Vitamin D reminder, Lynn. Here I sit at my desk with a beautiful sunny day just on the other side of my study windows. Heading out to pick up some sticks the wind blew out of my trees while capturing some D.

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