Carnivore/Keto Dreams Health Update


Goblin Market–looks like  a library–my kind of place

Health update:  Overall, the carnivore/keto thing has improved my health immeasurably. It’s hard to enumerate it all. When I’m not feeling 100% I revert back to total carnivore for a day or two and that rights my system.  And since I’m taking Berberine (the miracle cholesterol lowerer) I will likely go total carnivore a month or so here and there to rest my system.  Something disagreed with me a few days ago—either the whey protein (with fiber) or a Bloody Mary I had—but I stuck to carnivore day after and it righted my system immediately. I didn’t pay for weeks.  Feeling lousy for even one day, as lousy as I felt, is not worth it, so will try to figure out which didn’t agree with me.

I continue to lose weight, I think, am fairly sure, am toning up, so will post more pictures first week of April on our return. I think sun exposure encourages weight loss, and of course, we are active down here.   My computer doesn’t work well on the hotspot so have not been able to do my warriormade workouts or my yoga routine, but I’ve done some pushups, Russian twists and walked a lot.

It’s remarkable how much better I feel and how good my health numbers are except for that sky rocketing total cholesterol on carnivore alone.  If not for that, I’d have remained on it exclusively.  But I guess my advice (as Mark Sisson says) is not to ignore a sky high number, even if the only risk factor, until they actually get the research done.  It may not be significant with all other risk factors perfect, but we don’t know yet.  However, I feel confident in saying that just a few plants a few times a week, picked carefully, along with Berberine supplement seem enough to offset this.  My cholesterol went from 446 to 247 in three months doing just that.  Trust me, my doctor asked me three times to spell B-E-R-B-E-R-I-N-E.

My mood is remarkably better, not quite as good as carnivore completely, but REALLY good.  And I have a lot of stress right now with  my dad’s health.  (Though we are looking into taking his golf cart home with us–he can’t walk much anymore because of the Parkinson’s), and making arrangements to come down here with him next year if he can come.)  Very stressful times.

My gut issues are nearly gone.  I had bloating, some constipation, an enlarged liver. That’s gone, though I credit some of that to the Berberine which is so good for your gut.  But I KNOW my liver has returned to normal because I can feel it, my stomach nice and flat, no trapped gas anymore. Life is worth living!!

And I must say that I do not miss carbs or eating junk.  If I really want something, I eat it, but since I’m fat adapted it takes no time at all to return to my protocol and feeling great.  I’ve hardly cheated in seven months, but when I did it was ice cream (a coke when I was sick to my stomach and some pretzels), I think I had cheesecake at Christmas, a few Bay’s English muffins.  I’ve eaten a lot of dark chocolate medley nuts which are really fine in moderation.  That kind of thing.  But returning to my diet has been easy and no long term effects.  However, I don’t really want to cheat!!  I have a few more cravings on Keto than Carnivore, but they are manageable. And I love the food I do eat.  My version of Carnivore included oysters, chicken, fish, pork, lamb, eggs, a bit of dairy, cheese in my carnivore casserole, including heavy cream.  I do not feel deprived!

It’s my official birthday today and we are trying a new restaurant. Goblin Market.   Has great reviews. Will post actual pictures tomorrow.  I’m toying with either the New York Strip, the rack of lamb or the quail, leaning toward one of the latter since I’ve been eating a lot of strip and will be. Tomorrow night we’re back to see a friend of my brother’s sing at Pisces Rising and will just have some bar food that evening.  Then probably a lull in the partying.  I’ am sure we will eat at the Oyster Troff once more and then we plan a visit to Pat’s Steakhouse in Louisville, Kentucky on the way back.

Bring in the clouds.  Well, no, I wish we could shoo them away. Very dense cloud cover today here in Mount Dora, FL, and cool. It’s not snowing here, though, and we are grateful for that. I got a bit too much sun day before yesterday, ever so, so it wasn’t a huge issue yesterday when it was also cloudy.  But I am not enjoying this.  But am hoping tomorrow is an improvement.  It looks to be.

I’ll stay inside and do dream research today.

Dreams:  Research continues as I say.  Another good day for it.  Tomorrow promises some sun and a bit warmer.


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