Carivore/Keto Dreams – Cheat Day

No, I didn’t have wild blueberry cake or popovers or German pancakes yesterday.  Had a flourless chocolate torte which was to die for (forgot pictures).  Gave me a side ache and the runs but it was my birthday and I guess worth it.  There’s even some rationale for cheating every couple weeks according to Dr. Mercola as it keeps you from activating the MTOR pathways which cause cancer.  But it does make you feel poorly for a bit.

Intermittent fasting also counteracts it and encourages autophagy,  a natural detox thing where the body eats its own cells and both increase longevity.

So I guess it’s all good, but will fast until this evening when we go out for bar food and to watch the singer my brother knows at Pisces this evening.

But long story short, health is achieved by eating a good whole foods diet (I think a Keto diet with periods of carnivore but any whole foods diet limiting sugar is better than nothing), intermittent fasting (my choice when at home is one day a week with just water or coffee, bit of heavy cream, while shortening my eating window to eight hours normally). A refeed day of carbs every few weeks, hopefully something good like white or sweet potatoes, rice, fruit, etc.  But I occasionally eat some sugar as well.  Very occasionally.  Exercise and meditation.  I do a strenuous routine three times/week that combines strength and cardio, and do meditation twice a week (though my computer won’t cooperate since the park has little internet and my hotspot data is gone).  I’m active.  Walking, carrying wood, etc.

I hear people insinuate this is some kind of deprived lifestyle, but I can tell you I was deprived for about 60 years until I started eating carnivore and keto because I felt horrendous.  I eat fabulous, delicious food, and with a few plants I can cook interesting things as well.

Dreams: I had great dreams about being at some conference somewhere.  I seemed to be a commercial photographer and there was  some single guy there (widowed maybe) who seemed to be my ideal man.  I’m not sure exactly how I knew that, but I was just cuddling up in his lap or lying my head on his shoulder all night and I felt right at home.   He seemed to be tall-ish medium brown/light hair and somehow I knew he would protect me forever.  Though there were other ladies there that wanted him, too, I could see.

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