Carnivore/Keto Dreams – Dehydration

Las Brisas1

Water:  we need it.  I tend toward easy dehydration naturally and you are even more prone to it if you eat carnivore or keto and/or fast intermittently.  I also drink a lot of coffee–some decaffeinated, but some not.  And I normally don’t drink wine more than once a week or even every two, where I’ve been on vacation and drinking more wine than normal.

First of all, if you are not eating any processed food, you aren’t getting any hidden or bad salt, so it’s important to use it at the table.  A good salt.  Either a good Celtic sea salt or Himalayan pink salt.  (However, another side issue is that if you aren’t eating everyday iodized salt, you may be iodine deficient.  In my case, since I have Hashimotos hypothyroidism, it’s very controversial if someone with that malady should have iodine and most doctors, even some alternative ones, suggest restricting it–all makes electrolytes and issues such as these complicated–I mostly restrict, though I’m never sure if it’s the right thing).  But be sure you get salt.

If you are fasting or just starting a carnivore or ketogenic diet, it’s important to add salt and lots of water, especially the first two weeks, to keep from getting dehydrated and avoiding what they call “keto flu.”

I have had a bit of a virus going on with a cold sore and headaches and any time I get under the weather, dehydration seems to be a factor.  Lots of water and high quality salt.

Dreams:  I was dreaming about my mother!  Success.  But something woke me up before I could interact with her.  She was overweight and her weight made her comforting to hug.  She had “cleavage” I don’t possess and I was dreaming she had a low cut shirt on.  And I was about to hug her when I woke up.  Tried to go back to sleep and continue but no luck.

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