Carnivore/Keto Dreams – our ship


Ah, Einstein.  Any time you’re having a bad day, pull up a list of Einstein quotes and I guarantee, it will pick up your day.  Push the edge of that envelope. Get out there on those seas.

We went up to buy my dad a bubble golf cart deal. Road ready unit so he can bomb around town up north in Elk Rapids.  It’s silver and white.  Walking is getting too hard for him with Parkinson’s.  Working on trying to keep his independence. He likes the little unit a lot. We are working at limiting his falls.  Life is about reinventing yourself over and over and over. Adjust and make things work.

It’s cold and rainy here in Florida, really cold.  Jacket cold. Hoping for better tomorrow since we’ve had several days of it.

Hotdogs and baked beans for Dad tomorrow, so I’ll be eating Italian sausages with no buns and no beans. Not sure what else. Some eggs and bacon, maybe some salmon.But an easy day. We have a huge tomahawk rib-eye for Thursday along with some lobsters to do on the grill. Will have pictures on Friday.

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