Carnivore/Keto Dreams – Tomahawks

Gees, we cooked this steak, this enormous cowboy bone-in ribeye my dad obtained from Sam’s market here near the Villages in Florida (and some lobster tails) and I forgot to take pictures after we cooked them.  I need my daughter Hilary to do that.  Brain dead. We grilled them on the little round barrel grill we have over at the fifth wheel where my dad stays.  On the stove you can see some roasted potatoes.  The small lobster tails tasted pretty nice even though I was too lazy to clarify the garlic lime butter.

Our thermometer wasn’t working right on the steak, but we eventually got it done perfectly and amazingly, even with my husband there, four of us, we couldn’t eat all of it.  The meat was the best I’ve had in Michigan.  Wisconsin ribeyes we get at Festival are fabulous (though not this big right out of the case, close, though) and I had some fabulous steaks in Montana as I took the train to a writer’s conference in Seattle.  (I finally had to rent a car to come home being stranded in Whitefish Montana due to avalanches).  So I ate some great steaks both in Whitefish and as I made my way back across Montana stopping in Livingston for one of the best ribeyes.  Something different about the flavor of the fat and the tenderness of the meat.  If you are anywhere near the Villages in Florida, stop in at the Sam’s and get one.

It took over an hour to cook indirectly, we should have finished it over the coals sooner, but it all turned out great.  We didn’t have any paprika to make the tails prettier but they tasted great.  A little small.

I stayed carnivore yesterday and still woke with a headache.  Not sure why.  The pressure is high, it’s clear, and I’ve been eating well.  Some flowers are coming out I imagine and I have allergies.  I worry about ingredients in the retinol product my dermatologist gave me and when I add in supplements like the vitamin C and cod liver oil I had yesterday.  The retinol cream I use a lot, so don’t think it’s that, but I should add supplements one at a time.  They are high quality without additives.  I’ve had more headaches since I added in vegetables, too, but didn’t have many last two days.  There’s a sign on this little rv that says California has determined some of the materials in here to be carcinogens.  Great.  Not in it too long at a time, but never comforting.

Dreams:  Strange dreams where I was at some kind of conference.  Needed to come back the next day so was contemplating staying there– I presume in some hotel. I was eating in some restaurant and one of the entertainers (there seemed to be a traveling street band of some sort), a woman, saw I needed a rain coat and gave me this wild coat that someone had left there some time ago.  It seemed like the coat of “many colors” Dolly Parton sang about.  I was looking out the window, up several stories, at Gene Hackman playing basketball with a bunch of kids in a courtyard.

Food today:  Bacon and good Kick Ass coffee with cream.  Baked chicken thighs and some kind of vegetable to be determined.  I’ve nearly eliminated wine lately thinking that might be some of the added headaches.

Happy Friday.  We are off to check my dad’s coumadin level today.  Will do Warriormade I hope if I can get it to play, then get some sun over at Dad’s while I do a bit of dream research.

How are your diet experiments progressing?  Dreams?

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