Carnivore/Keto Dreams – Maggie

Maggie Mae

Our hot spot is working so dismally, my rant on organics and farm practices will have to wait maybe even until the 10th or so when I get home.  I’ll be so mad if I get it all typed out and it disappears.  I also need to reference a few things and I can’t research properly, either.

So here is a picture of Maggie Mae.  She looks so sweet, doesn’t she?  Well, night before last she deliberately jumped up on my bed to puke on my newly washed bed sheets.  So don’t be fooled by that sweet face.

Perhaps some odds and ends, some dream thoughts over the next week instead, or even a bit of prose.

Food today may be shrimp with lobster sauce from China King, though I may fast while they indulge.  Not sure.  Steak and shrimp tomorrow, so we’ll see.  It’s a beautiful day here and we’ll get some vitamin D, exercise if I can make my warriormade play on my phone (no chance on this internet), and we’ll hose down before heading to my dad’s.

Happy Tuesday!

Dreams:  I dreamed I had hemorrhoids, now that is a real nightmare, especially down here with no bath tub!!  But woke up with just a bit of stiffness in my back that seems gone!!  Phew!!  Haven’t had those in more than ten years and I don’t want them, either!

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