Carnivore/Keto Dreams Health Update

Goblin Market--looks like  a library--my kind of place Health update:  Overall, the carnivore/keto thing has improved my health immeasurably. It’s hard to enumerate it all. When I’m not feeling 100% I revert back to total carnivore for a day or two and that rights my system.  And since I’m taking Berberine (the miracle cholesterol lowerer) … Continue reading Carnivore/Keto Dreams Health Update

Carnivore/Keto Dreams – Dreams, time changes, restaurants

Me with eyes closed, getting ready to savor some nice coffee with cream for after dinner, and lovely picture outside of the deck where we came back later and listened to music.  Lovely night, great singer.  We will go back on Thursday to hear Don Middleton, a special friend of my brother's, sing.  And Wednesday, … Continue reading Carnivore/Keto Dreams – Dreams, time changes, restaurants

Carnivore/Keto Dreams-Dream Restaurants

Stella's Restaurant in Traverse City.  It's located in Building 50 of the old Traverse City Asylum. Two of my favorite restaurants are Farm to Table restaurants:  Stella's and Pisces Rising.  Stella's is famous for using every bit of an animal and weekly specials revolve around doing that.  Stella's has excellent cheeses.  I love the mussels … Continue reading Carnivore/Keto Dreams-Dream Restaurants