Carnivore/Keto –a case for carnivore

Ok, so I cut out plants mostly for the last four-five days.  Strictly carnivore.  A bit of cream, a few spices, cheese, eggs.  Almost immediately my wrinkles softened, my skin was moister, my muscle tone improved, and my mood improved–almost euphoria at times. And I think I lost a pound or two.  It was surprising how fast, too.

I had eggs, cheese, oysters, steaks, chicken, etc.  Heavy cream.

My thought is that I may have allergies and autoimmune problems so plants don’t agree with me.  I suspect, though, that fiber is really not all it’s cracked up to be.  That it’s fiber in bulk that is the problem  It’s possible they increase gut inflammation rather than the reverse.  They constipate me instead of the reverse. It makes sense to me that if fiber helps remove unhealthy fats (I eat just healthy ones), it also removes nutrients I need.  Makes sense to me.  Maybe I need more protein than other people.  Or all of the above.

New plan of action:  Plants as condiments.  A few onions, a few mushrooms, garlic and plants as spices, like cilantro, but lettuce and broccoli in very small amounts.  Opposite of what they say:  meat as condiments.  Nope.

But I plan to keep the Berberine that brought my cholesterol in line, cod liver oil, magnesium, and the homocysteine supplement.  Eat a few plants here or there, especially spices, fresh spices.  But little bulk as fiber.

Happy Sunday!  MSU (I went there my freshman year and lived outside East Lansing) beat Duke tonight!  We made it to the fabulous four and will play Texas Tech Saturday.  GO GREEN!


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