Carnivore/Keto – Berberine!


Ok, this happens to be Dr. Mercola’s pricier version of it, but you can get it on Amazon without MicroPQQ as well and it seemed to work great for me.  Reasonable price.

Here is the deal.  I was/am on a modified carnivore/keto diet, mostly carnivore at the moment, with just a few plants, mostly as condiment, spices, etc.  My total cholesterol had shot up 445 on carnivore alone!  This was unnerving even though I knew I was eating superior fats.  So I added in Berberine, a homocysteine supplement (just B vitamins mostly, a food source of folate, etc.) and a few plants.  My total cholesterol came down to 245!  Two hundred points!  They claim it might lower cholesterol 30%.  But this was better than that.

Our doctors were so impressed, they allowed my husband to go off his statin drug and take this–due to my results and their own research.  Not only that, they had recommended it to four other patients!  (Always check with your own doctor before changing things).  Statins make my husbands knees and joints hurt and there are other side effects.

But this is also what it does:  it lowers blood sugar, blood pressure, corrects fatty liver, and best of all for me, fixes gut issues.  It has antimicrobial properties for that.  It’s also known to make people lose weight.  I was taking two/day, though I recently cut back to one.  I think I should take two when I am eating mostly carnivore as I am presently.

Until there are better studies of people who eat superior fats over those whose cholesterol is sky high because they are eating trans fats and sugary carbs, I’m more comfy with my cholesterol levels within reason.  As you remember, all my other numbers are great.

Happy Monday!  We are starting to pack up and organize since we head back to Michigan on Wednesday.  It’s gloomy here and about to rain.  So taking my dad to the doctor won’t be as painful.  We’ll grill chicken out one last time if the weather cooperates at all.

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