Carnivore/Keto Dreams Photo update

First picture blonde was after I’d been on Keto for three months and lost about ten pounds.  Second two are today after trip to Florida.  Darker hair, bit of a tan.  Still have a bit of neck, but I’ve lost another 12 pounds maybe– primarily carnivore but with a few select plants.

Eggs, cheese, meat, seafood, healthy fats, a few veggies now and then like lettuce and broccoli, mushrooms, asparagus. Not every day.   Meatloaf tonight.

Feel good.  Have all my lab numbers in line.

Happy Monday!  I have a lot of housekeeping duties today.  Order new mattresses, renew prescriptions, meet with healthcare workers.  By next week, I hope to be organized and back into my research.  We will see.

A dreamless night.  Back to dream journaling and dream research soon.


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