Carnivore Dreams – Selfies

First of all, I haven’t been blogging because my father has had to use my computer to watch the Sopranos in his room due to the fact we have been without tv for a week or so.  We have also been adjusting new living arrangements so I can live here and take care of him.  My father has Parkinson’s and it is getting difficult for him to live alone–something that is hard on him.

Selfies:  Ok, this is a before Carnivore and After Carnivore comparison.  My daughter claims it doesn’t look like me because I’m “posing.”  Everybody poses unless the photos are candid, but that isn’t my point.  I take selfies into a mirror because pointing the camera at myself distorts my facial features.  I maintain this happens to everyone.  My daughter’s nose looks bigger when she does it, too.  It has nothing to do with posing vs. candid shots, but instead proportions of the camera angle.  When she takes regular photos of me, some are good, some are bad, but I don’t look like I’m in a fun-house mirror like I do on face-time or in selfies where you point it right at someone’s face.

So that is how I intend to do it!  It’s more important to see the change in my weight/face and keep the process the same anyway.  Like weighing yourself on the same scale at the same time of day!

It will be a bit longer before I get back into a writing routine.  I’m also having an eye issue amidst all this.  Posterior vitreous detachment–a normal result of aging–it can also cause retinal detachment, a much more serious condition that would require emergency surgery.  So this means, despite conflicting advice from eye doctors, I need to be careful doing strenuous exercise for a period of six weeks or a bit longer.  This is upsetting and another issue keeping me from getting back into a semblance of my former life!

Still, some things go well.  Dad is better, stronger.  We are getting set up with support home services here, something very important.  We have rearranged rooms so I have a spot and a real bed and that is a good thing.  We have gotten rid of rugs, fixed mattresses, installed grab bars, etc.  So things progress.

Dreams:  I’ve had some troubling dreams lately, so hope those disappear soon.  Dream research should continue starting next week.

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