Carnivore Dreams – Soil Testing

Soil testing

Soil Testing.

Happy Sunday.  So far we are just testing ph for potatoes and peas.  Soon we will test the rest of the beds for the other plants which won’t go in for weeks here yet so will report in on the rest of the testing.  At least two weeks.  I bought a Burpee testing kit and a friend is helping me check it all out.  Studying up on it.  Hopefully when they ask me “Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?” I will say, “With silver bells, and cockle shells, And pretty maids all in a row.”  Pretty maids of peas.

I hope.

My father hasn’t been to a dentist since 2012 (and then just to have a tooth pulled), pulled a rotten tooth out of his mouth without its roots last night, so now I have to get him to (more than likely) an oral surgeon (adjust coumadin levels) and deal with all this with his blood pressure dropping below 90/50 and him passing out/dizzy.  Feeling a bit out of control, so sat in my garden this afternoon and “watched it grow.”  Lovely day at about 70, but more ugly weather on the horizon, so I needed some glad power.

Hamburgers today with cheese, good enough.  My dad wants pasta nearly every day and I don’t eat that, so am working on finding ways I can throw myself on a grass fed steak most days, cooking for two–like when you have a baby, I guess…

Happy dreams.  To bed early for me!!

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