Carnivore Dreams – Maintenance Thoughts (Or close)

Been about three weeks from first picture to second.  (And my  hair had been styled by a hairdresser in first picture). Slight difference on face/neck.  My thoughts on this neck thing and my diet: I still have not completely lost my neck and I am not certain if my skin on my face will adjust completely.  But my face is starting to remind me of my driver’s license picture of fifteen years ago.  Not that that was the greatest picture.  Ha.  Also I have to say, this slow weight loss (twenty pounds since starting keto, then carnivore, then very limited keto) and the diet itself–I’ve done better with skin issues than any other program.  On the Rotation diet — low fat, my wrinkles deepened drastically and my skin was horribly dry.  I also don’t think I had near the muscle tone anywhere, given the difference in my age this time.  On face or anywhere else.  (With weight loss).

The most noticeable thing is that if I go right back to my diet after having a carb refeed (even if I’m bad a couple days or so in a row), I do not seem to gain weight.  I feel I still have a few odd pounds to lose, but I haven’t been working real hard on that.  Sort of focusing on a healthy lifestyle I can maintain and feeling good and fit.

Reminder:  I have Hashimoto’s thyroid disorder.  But for my advanced years (64), I have few health problems.  My blood pressure is usually 115/60, low triglycerides, low blood sugar, I weigh 118 these days without clothes, maybe a bit less.   My cholesterol is where I want it at 246, great ratio, great HDL.   I have very little heart racing anymore as long as I limit carbs.  Good energy, better mood.  I have a very stressful life right now caring for my dad with Parkinson’s and my son with Downs, so considering that, I’m surprised my mood is this steady.  I do have a few really down moments, usually when I’m sleep deprived, but it wouldn’t be normal not to.  Especially with this adjustment in my living situation.  I think the Berberine supplement has been a crucial addition that is improving my overall health.

I got the potatoes and peas in last weekend and will wait another week for lettuce seeds, two weeks for the rest of the plants and flowers.  Today isn’t a bad day, but spring has been dragging her feet here in Elk Rapids.  And I’ve found rushing planting day isn’t a good idea.

Happy Wednesday.  Josh and I will hose down and head to the store while Ryan the physical therapist is here working with Dad.  Leftover Garlic chicken thighs, Swiss steak, and some other odds and ends tonight.  So I don’t have to cook.

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