Carnivore Dreams – Mortar & Pestle


Mortar & Pestle.jpg

Mortar & Pestle

Ok, so herbs are not totally carnivore, but I also notice not too many carnivore types are really purists.  Mikhaila Peterson, pretty strict, drinks Bourbon or whiskey or some hard liquor.  Most of them put spices on their steaks, right??

I plan to do a 12 hour slow roasted leg of lamb soon and I want to make a garlic/ginger root/rosemary (and more) rub for it and it calls for a decent mortar and pestle–something I’ve never had.  So I ordered one up.  It’s granite.  It’s impressive!  Get out of my way, I’m ready to grind spices!

It came today and I was, as I say, impressed.  With not just the weight of the bowl, but the weight of the pestle?  Which one is the little stick?  Anyway, even the grinding stick-y deal is heavy.  I’ve only had tiny ones before but NOW we’re grinding, baby.

It was a beautiful day today and I planted lettuce.  I tried to get moss out of the cracks of Dad’s pavers (more to do there).  Raked up some leaves.  Cut back some perennials that should have been done already, pulled some weeds. It was a nice day, but more rain in the forecast, though the lows finally look about 40 degrees.

Then I made some chicken tacos.  I skipped the wrap, but did have a bit of avocado and tomato and lettuce.   All of it with lots of cilantro and lime. My chipotle sauce is to die for, so I did have a few more (good) carbs than normal.  A bit of carnivore casserole this a.m.  But tomorrow is a fast day.

I still am not back into my research/revising mode.  Tomorrow I must exercise and get back into research.  I need my husband to find my book A Good High Place so I can brush up on the history–set in Elk Rapids where my family has been since 1850.  Blacksmiths, boat captains, livery people.  I have to read in July.  Keep a good thought.

Happy Tuesday/Wednesday.  I hope you have a peaceful day.


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