Carnivore Dreams -Exploding Head Syndrome

Dream Imagery2

My head explodes.

No, really it does.

Exploding Head Syndrome.  Ever heard of it?  It’s where (when you are just falling asleep or in a half sleep) you hear a loud noise like a slamming door, breaking glass, dropping books, explosions of all kinds and/or you hear someone call your name.  It can be accompanied by a light flash (not unlike the lightning flashes I am experiencing now with Posterior Vitreous Detachment). No, it doesn’t mean you have schizophrenia or are a sociopath or generally just crazy.  It’s fairly common, but does seem to happen more often if you’re anxious or stressed.  I’ve had this off and on much of my life.  Not often at all. But now I have it a lot more often.

Yes, I’m stressed taking care of my father, but I have to wonder if it could be associated with my trying to invoke my mother’s presence in my dreams.  The voice that calls my name is sort of nondescript–perhaps more male than female, but as I say this, I’m not sure that’s true.  Regardless, either thing will wake you out of half-sleep, disturbing enough to preclude sleep for a while to come.  It happens in times I feel someone is trying to contact me, trying to get me to pay attention…

Another demanding week with therapists, nurses, and others visiting my dad here where I care for him.  He also has to have two teeth extracted.

I’d like to say that I’ll get back into writing/revision, but my goals are simply to exercise and to finish some research.  Get my dream journal out and going. If I get this much done, I’ll be happy. This plus planning holiday menu and planting schedule.

It will be a night out at Pearl’s, our local Cajun restaurant, then a celebration of my son John’s birthday with spring leg of lamb, slow roasted twelve hours, maybe wild rice, fruit salad, asparagus, and his girlfriend’s famous cheesecake.

I’m saving coffee grounds and egg shells to combat cut worms once I get the garden planted over Memorial Day.

Diet:  I plan a pot roast for today since it’s a favorite of Dad’s.  Probably some tacos over the week.  Definitely a steak or two for myself if he orders up the usual carb-heavy menus. Happy dreaming/eating this week.

I’m locating the dream journal, ink pen ready…

Be sure and like the site/leave comments on diet experiences, dreams, whatever (or wherever) the spirit leads.

Quote from the movie Serendipity:  You know the Greeks didn’t write obituaries. They only asked one question after a man died: “Did he have passion?”




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